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How to Install Ridge Vent on Roof


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Step One -- Choosing a Ridge Vent Type and Tools/Materials Needed
Aluminum and Shingle Over Ridge Vents

Photo shows examples of aluminum and shingle over ridge vents

Aluminum Ridge Vent Photo © iStockphoto.com/tinabelle www.istockphoto.com

The two primary types of ridge vents available are shingle over ridge vents and aluminum ridge vents. The shingle over ridge vent is sold by different manufacturers and in different configurations and materials. In its most simplistic form, shingle over ridge vent is installed over the ridge line and is covered over by asphalt shingle caps that match the color of the roof shingles.

The second type of ridge vent material is the aluminum ridge vent. This type of ridge vent resembles an elongated mushroom that is installed along the ridge. The aluminum ridge vent is the finished product and does not require additional asphalt shingle ridge caps to be installed to finish the installation.

The ridge line of the roof is prepared similarly regardless of the type of ridge vent chosen. The different types of ridge vents are typically chosen based upon the cost of the installation as well as the aesthetics of the finished product.

Tools/Materials Needed

  1. Tools
    • Hammer
    • Flat Pry Bar
    • Cats Claw Pry Bar
    • Utility Knife with Hook Blade
    • Pneumatic Roofing Nailer with Air Compressor
    • Snips (if using aluminum ridge vent)
    • Circular Saw
    • Chalk Line
  2. Materials
    • 8d nails – loose
    • Ridge Vent – either aluminum or shingle over ridge vent
    • Roofing nails – 1.25” – loose or coil nails if using pneumatic nailer
    • Roofing nails – 1.5” or 1.75” – loose
    • Shingle caps matching field shingles – if using shingle over ridge vent
    • Shingles to match the field of the roof
    • Polyurethane caulk
  3. Skills
    • No fear of heights
    • Ability to safely utilize hand tools
    • Ability to set up ladder safely
    • Ability to walk on roof surfaces

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